Teen Titans Go – Symphony (& More)

Hey guys.

I know you guys are wondering how Symphony looks like. You must be waiting for her full past. Well…I’ll explain.

Symphony’s real name was Scarlet. She was a 3 years old when her family died. She loved them dearly. When she lost them; she lost her world. Her home. Her heart. She landed dirt-poor on the streets. She always stayed away from relationships – afraid she might get hurt again. Over the years; she was on her own. She learnt to fend for herself on the streets using her surroundings as weaponry. One day; a meteor hit her territory. She was in the hospital for 4 weeks and received a mark like no other. A small star right under her right eye. She thought it was humiliating and thus hides it by letting her hair out.

7 years later; Scarlet had just stole money from a man and sat in her usual territory. She didn’t like the mark on her face – but she liked the blast-affect of that asteroid. It was near a pizzeria too. Just then; a group 5 of guys in black leather jackets and tattoos all over their arms walked up to Scarlet’s area. She didn’t like it…it was annoying to see her area taken away from her. She stood up, took a pocket knife out which she stole and walked up to the 5 guys.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Scarlet asked. The guy who looked like the leader stopped laughing and stared at her.

“What does it matter to you?” He asked. Scarlet noticed his tattoo which said ‘Danny the Slayer’.

“Well, DANNY, it matters to me what you’re doing on MY turf.” Scarlet said.

“YOUR turf? This is YOUR turf?” He asked.

“Are you deaf? There’s a hospital 5 kilometers to the right.” Scarlet said.

“You mockin’ me?” He asked; as he went closer to her. Scarlet wasn’t afraid. She’d dealt with DOZENS of people like this.

“I am. You have a problem?” She asked.

“Matter of fact, I do.” He said.

“Aw…is big Baby Danny going to cry now?” Scarlet asked. Outraged by what she said; he lunged forward to her. Scarlet maneuvered past him and stabbed him in the back. He moaned in pain as the blood streamed down from the knife. Scarlet moved away and let him fall down. She then took her knife out and raised her head…only to see 4 more chickens run away. She walked back to her ‘rock’ and just relaxed there a bit. While she was there; she noticed something green behind the dustbins. She rubbed her eyes in vain thinking it was the exhaustion getting to her; but she still saw it…but this time it was coming closer to her. She slowly took her knife out and stared at the green little monster. Slowly but surely; the little beast pushed over the dustbins…only proving it was a green cat!

“A green cat? Really?” She asked.

“Yea, mama.” The cat said. How peculiar. Scarlet never heard of a TALKING cat! Was she going crazy? Was it the blueberries she had? Who knew?!

“Whoa! You can TALK?! S-since when did CATS talk?” She asked.

“Since I…” He said; as he took form of a green human. “…was a man.” He said.

“You can transform?” She asked; raising an eyebrow.

“Yea. Why’s that so surprising?” He asked; as he stuck his head out to her direction, pouted his lower lip (which – by the way – made his one lower tooth seem prominent) and raised his eyebrow. He scanned her head-to-toe and then shrugged. “Whatever. Listen…I saw your fighting and all. You were pretty cool there.” He said; as he rummaged through the dustbin.

“Uh…thanks.” She replied.

“I’m Beast Boy. You probably heard o’ Teen Titans?” He asked; as he took a soda can and drank from it. Seeing this; she was disgusted.

“Yea…” She answered.

“Awesome. I was thinking…you have good fighting skills. We’re crime-fighters. You could crash with us.” He said.

“I’m a lone wolf.” She said.

‘Well…you may be a lone-wolf; but you’re all alone here. I’ve seen you here ever since you were a mere 5-year old child! It reminds me so much of myself when I was a kid…” He said; as he teared up and used the puppy-eyes on her. Usually; she never fell for it…but Beast Boys’ had a hint of innocence…of politeness. Something she never experienced. She contemplated. Made a WEB in her mind. If she doesn’t join; she’ll live on the streets forever. Maybe those surviving gang members will tell others and make a fuss of their dead leader, Danny the Slayer. If she does join; she’ll have a roof over her head and a plate of hot food on the table. She’ll have her OWN room and her OWN turf!

“ALRIGHT! Just don’t use those eyes on me…” She said.

“YEA! Thas’ wassup!” He said; as he grabbed her hand and dragged her all the way to the Titan Tower. There; Scarlet saw a guy with black, spiky hair and a staff he was shuffling in his hands. He had an ‘R’ logo on his red shirt. Obviously; he was trying to impress the girl with long (LONG! Meaning…till her ANKLES long) pink hair and big green eyes standing next to him. She didn’t seem to understand his purpose and more into her maggot. On the couch doing something on the laptop was a person in a dark purple cloak. You can’t see this person’s face. Then there was a half-robot half-human guy sleeping. Beast Boy told Scarlet to walk up to the guy with the staff. She took a deep breath and walked up to him.

“Excuse me?” She asked. He stopped in his tracks to see a girl with pale, light grey eyes and dark blue hair till her knees. A girl in torn jeans, a torn T-shirt and dirt caked on her face.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“…Symphony.” She quickly cooked up. Truth be told; Scarlet had a few rolls in games of Poker she won. So she was named ‘Symphony’ for her various skills of music-playing on those wild nights of celebration.

“Symphony, eh? What’s your power?” He asked.

“I can manipulate minds with my music.” She said.

“Manipulate minds? OK…you’re hired!” He said. She didn’t seem too happy OR sad. Symphony…who knew such a person might exist?

“OH YEA!” Beast Boy said; as he turned into a cat and lunged himself on her.


3 thoughts on “Teen Titans Go – Symphony (& More)

  1. Symphony: Uh…hi?
    Star Fire: Hello, Brian! Welcome to the Central of Innovation!
    Robin: Yea…WELCOME.
    Raven: Whatever.
    Beast Boy: Hey, bro.
    Cyborg: Yo, BL.


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