Story Development

Hey guys.

We’re going to kick things off with the most crucial part of your story:


To start creating your characters, you need:

  • Inspiration
  • Background Development
  • Description

Pretty easy, right? OK; I’ll demonstrate. Here’s mine:


You need to over-exaggerate. Sound like a critic. Like Anton Ego from Ratatouille.

My character – Symphony – has been through a lot. She had her rough times and she felt she had enough. Imagine how you would have felt if your parents and little sister were taken away from you? If they died? How would you live? She lived on the streets!

See that? Those questions and repetition of words? That’s persuasive and very poignant. So remember rhetorical questioning and repetition when talking about your character with others. But remember – too much of it and everyone will get sick of it! Trust me. I know.

The next thing you need is to come to the point. Be on-the-face if they’re on-the-face.

Symphony is cunning. She is the only anonymous Titan of the 5 Teen Titans. She’s very close to Cyborg and Beast Boy. My love of certain genres of music has managed to tie itself with my love of the Teen Titans. Hence; Symphony was formed.

See that? Over exaggeration. Before you call me a–

*in the back of the room* DRAMA QUEEN!

*face palm* Just ignore the voices. I think we’re done.

Background Development

Every character has a background. Be it happy, depressing, tragic, etc. Here’s a sample:

Symphony is deeply troubled and depressed. No one recovers that easily from losing their family. The only people you know. She is one of them. Symphony had to live on the streets for the first 16 years of her life…till Beast Boy found her in front of a Pizzeria and witnessed Symphony defend herself. She was strong. Seeing this; Beast Boy invites her over to the Teen Titan Tower. Symphony is close to Raven and Beast Boy. And Cyborg is like a brother to her. Symphony is a lone wolf – but gregarious when necessary.

A detailed background is helpful. But don’t make it TOO detailed! The right way:

I walked over to the door.

The wrong way:

I put my right foot forward, I put my left foot forward, I put my right foot forward, I put my left foot forward…

I just had to include that. Heh heh…


Yep. This is where you talk about how your character looks. Make sure you be descriptive yet effective:

Symphony has long dark blue hair till her knees and fair skin which highlights her pale grey eyes. She always wears a pair of black gloves that show her knuckles. The length is till her elbows..

That is how she looks. Now something distinguishing about them:

Her symbolic color is blue and the representative animal is the jaguar. Her symbolic element is fire and she always has Beats headphones on.

Now their likes and dislikes:

She loves to listen to music and read books. Her favorite food is pizza and she hates anything sweet.


Now we move on to the next part; the story. In a normal story we have:

  • Genre
  • Setting
  • Ending

Ready? Good. Brace yourselves.


What type of genre is your story/story line? Mine, for example, is adventure. Crazy Lightning’s is romance/suspense. You have many kinds of genres:

  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Horror
  • Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)
  • Autobiography/Biography
  • Adventure
  • Romance

I know. Picking once of these is hard. But I decided to just go for the ones I love most. So why don’t you?


Think about a good setting. Mine is in Gevyuta (Pronounced as-Je-Vyu-Tha!). The story takes place in the  future Which is why you’ve never heard of it. In each setting; your protagonist has to have a special place or a mind palace. My protagonists’ special place is one spot (CORNER spot) of the beach where a long tree with twigs surrounding it is placed. It’s one place where she feels safe, happy and can think. One place where she feels close to her late family.


All great authors (Rick Riordan, Thomas Harris, J.K. Rowling, Marie Lu) have planned their endings before writing their stories. They feel that stories write themselves as long as you have the ending in hand. I agree with them. My ending is someone close to my protagonist dying. Very close. Try guessing who that ‘someone’ is!

That’s all folks!

– POSI, Keep Creating


36 thoughts on “Story Development

  1. Good explanation – here’s how I’ll start developing my character Elizabeth (incomplete):

    Elizabeth is a mayor’s daughter and has been living in wealth all her life – until the shipwreck.
    Her life was perfect up until the age of seven, when her mother died from a mysterious heart attack.
    They were both on a luxurious boat when the captain went out of control and Elizabeth’s life simply.. crumbled.
    Elizabeth lost the one person she cared for most in her life – her father. She was the only survivor and an orphan.
    Imagine.. she had to paddle in a raft for days with no food, no water, no resources, until she got to a barren island that had virtually nothing.

    Elizabeth has fair skin and dark blue, almond-shaped eyes. She is considered by many people to be, “a beauty.”
    Elizabeth usually wears a simple, white blouse and jeans, with a large, summery hat to top it all off.
    She loves water and has been comfortable with it all her life (since she lives close to the shore.) She always has her flowing, golden hair in a simple ponytail, which rides down her back. Elizabeth loves horses, and likes the feeling on riding on them and feeling the wind and the other riders rush by.

    Elizabeth loves books about traveling and imagination, like, “Gulliver’s Travels.” She loves all books, really, and spends most of her day reading, swimming, or riding horses.
    She plays both violin and piano, and loves classical music. She also enjoys rock and pop music.
    Elizabeth likes almost all cuisine (eating is one of her favorite pastimes too) except the spicier ones. She also hates foods that are TOO sugary (even sugar has a maximum.)

    (I based it off yours, but it isn’t bad for a beginner, right?)


    • Are you saying you’re a Teen Titan just like Symphony? Yeah.. and Elizabeth is like my friend Elizabeth because I based this off my actual friend Elizabeth (with permission of course) who plays Poptropica and is REALLY wealthy OwO
      (No, she is not in a shipwreck and both of her parents are ALIVE)

      She doesn’t like some things sweet. She doesn’t like chocolate, she likes SOME candy, she doesn’t like cupcakes or cakes, and so on. But she likes some things that are sweet..

      I think I’ll stick with La Rue.. I was disappointed when Clarisse doesn’t show up.. almost AT ALL in the Heroes of Olympus series (just a cameo or two) so this will be a tribute to her XDD


      • I’m not a Teen Titan – I imagine myself to be Symphony. I know, right? However; I like Percy the best. Fun fact: I’m a Sagittarius so my symbolic Demigod is Piper. For Leo – it’s Percy. For Aquarius – it’s Nico.


  2. Updated Version of Elizabeth La Rue:

    Elizabeth La Rue had a perfect life as the wealthy mayor’s daughter. She had books, trips to the beach (everyday if she pleased,) a beautiful horse, and most of all, a loving father. But her life was shattered with a single shipwreck.. and she lost everything – her enormous wealth, her home, and her family. She had to survive on a barren island with practically no resources and an annoying boy – boys do ruin everything – until she got kidnapped with the annoying boy and a dryad on tow. What will happen next?


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