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Hey guys.

*takes a bow and arrow* Aim high and mighty! *shoots the arrow and Mother Mae Eye falls to the ground* It appears the…*takes a pie and throws it at MME*…criminal count has…LOWERED…*takes Anaklusmos out*…to a manageable level! *thrusts Anaklusmos and MME runs away before Anaklusmos gets her. Police come in time and arrest her. Walks away with Teen Titans* So, yea. I’ll be making a return soon. Keep those views up! In other news; I’ll be posting a few more pages in my book for you guys. Please note that I have not completed my first chapter yet. I’m far from it. Crazy Lightning has come out with her 2nd chapter. Good on you, CL!

Coming to the next topic; it seems the Titans want to host a Meet & Greet. You guys can ask them questions and they’ll answer. I asked Naruto, Rasuke, Sasuke and Sakura. They all said ‘yes’.

*Sasuke whispering in the back of the room* Save me…

*Face palm* Whatever. If you see Itachi Uchiha anywhere; please contact me through the comments. I’m putting a bounty on him. Whoever gets him is rewarded with a Bounty Chocolate Bar. Here is a picture of my bro, Itachi:

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Itachi Uchiha

So…yea. If you see him – comments!

– POSI, Keep Creating.


Shipwrecks + Broken Hearts – Chapter II

Hey guys! It turned out I could finish this chapter (Chapter II) a little earlier than expected (the “due date” was Friday) so enjoy!

There was shock in Elizabeth’s voice as she whispered, “You.” She stared at him for a while, taking in his broken nose and his leg which was crooked in the wrong direction. Then she glared and raised her arm to punch him in the face, before his eyes started fluttering open. His eyes were gray – they were very dreamy, but blank, and looked sad.  Elizabeth had to drag herself out of this – this state of mind. She needed to find a way to survive – and to get out of this miserable excuse of an island.

His eyes closed and opened a few times, blurrily looking around, before finally focusing on.. on a girl. She was very pretty, but looked.. very angry. Then he gasped quickly in recognition, and shot up like a bullet. “Miss.. Miss La Rue?” the man stammered, before coughing and looking down. “It’s Elizabeth.” Elizabeth responded, coldly. The man glanced up, and Elizabeth handed him a small rope that she had found on a seat of the lifeboat.

“Here. You can use it to scale that – that tree over there.” she barked, and she looked away.

“I’m sorry,” the boy murmured, starting to walk over to the short tree.

“Sorry’s not enough!” Elizabeth screamed, then stopped short and sighed. “It’s not enough, Captain.”

“My name’s not Captain,” he continued cautiously, and then said, “It’s Aiden.”

“Captain suits you better,” Elizabeth snapped, then forced a smile onto her face.

“Okay then,” Aiden said miserably, and continued to scale the tree.

“Why don’t you climb the tree yourself?” Aiden groaned, his hands aching from trying to find a place to tie the rope around. “I can’t. I never learned.” Elizabeth replied, softly.

Another awkward moment passed, before Aiden resumed climbing the tree. Aiden accidentally pushed on a branch too hard and it fell off. Elizabeth grabbed the branch and started tracing something in the sand. Climbing down from the tree, Aiden asked, “So.. uh, what is that?”

“An escape route,” Elizabeth responded, primly. “An escape route?” Aiden questioned, before Elizabeth calmly responded, “Yeah. An escape route. Maybe if you had provided an escape route for all of us before the ship set sail, maybe every passenger on board would have escaped.”

Aiden glared, and growled under his breath, “Are you saying it’s my fault?”

Elizabeth glared back, and suddenly it was a battle between blue and gray eyes, until both slumped back. But Elizabeth’s eyes grew bright again, and she pointed at her “escape route,” saying, “Take a look at this.”

Aiden, too tired to argue, glanced at it. His eyes wide, he glanced at it again. “It’s – it’s a blimp.”

“Exactly. I’ve already tried getting out of here by raft, but I can’t go far enough until it’s night, and then all sorts of creatures attack me. This is the perfect idea – we can make it to our respective homes in at least a week, if all goes well.”

“Yeah, exactly, it’s a PERFECT idea except for.. so many things. First of all, we don’t even have the materials to build a blimp. Even you said, “If all goes well.” I mean, how do we know your plan will turn out perfect? How do you know that we’ll make it?”

“We just have to have faith, I guess,” Elizabeth shrugged. “And we have to pack an extra set of clothes, too, and water bottles..” Elizabeth trailed off, suddenly realizing that they didn’t have food or water. She guessed from Aiden’s skeptical expression that he had realized this too. “So, we’re doomed?” Aiden asked. “Not yet, we’re not. It’s not over – until it’s really over,” Elizabeth said, twisting her face determined – until something hit her smack in the head.

“Ack! Aiden!” Elizabeth screamed, and Aiden gasped, “It’s some kind of -” Aiden tried to respond, waving his hands, until Elizabeth cut him off. “A bug? Is it a bug?”

“No, I don’t think so! It -” Aiden frantically responded.

Then Elizabeth heard a voice inside of her head, a light buzzing sound that was somehow, pleasant to the ears.

“I’m so sorry.. Please forgive me.. I’m – I’m lost..” it buzzed. Elizabeth whipped around. “Did you hear that?” she whispered, her hands sweaty. “No..” Aiden responded, and Elizabeth felt a small weight lift off her head.

“What are you?” Elizabeth whispered, certain that it wasn’t a bug. “I – I’m a – dryad.” The “dryad” responded, it’s golden wings fluttering. “I’m – lost.. I don’t know this place well..”

“I don’t either,” Elizabeth whispered. Aiden looked at her strangely, and said, “What’s going on?”

“This is -” Elizabeth started, then realized she didn’t know the little dryad’s name. “I’m Azalea,” the dryad shivered, and Elizabeth scooped the little dryad up and put the dryad in her jacket pocket, making sure the creature could breathe.

“So.. do you have any idea how to get out of here using the golden blimp?” Aiden continued to pester her. “Geez, genius plans don’t come in seconds!” Elizabeth replied sarcastically.

Suddenly, Elizabeth heard footsteps coming from the other side of the island. “Thank goodness!” Elizabeth sighed in relief, but her sigh of relief turned into a gasp of horror when she saw the “rescuer” was at least four times as big as her and had a giant bag the size of two people! The “rescuer” continued to stuff Elizabeth and Aiden into bags and even though they bit at his fingers, he wouldn’t let go.
A/N: Who do you think the mysterious “rescuer” is?

Some More News to Keep You Busy :)

Hey! It’s CL here 🙂

There isn’t a lot to blog about, so this will be a pretty quick post..

Hopefully Symphony will be back soon 🙂 I can’t access the Teen Titans Tower because it’s kind of hard to access it from Hogwarts 😦

In other news, we have reached 645 views! We have only.. :calculates math: about 355 views left until we reach a thousand views! 😎 Not that anyone’s counting.. ^ ^’

I’ll be updating ‘Shipwrecks and Broken Hearts’ this Friday, so stay tuned 🙂

I’ll also be developing more characters in the next chapter and revealing the ‘mysterious man’.. remember my cliffhanger?

No, it’s not going to be one of those teen novels with cheesy romance — though I warn you, there’s going to be a little bit of romance.. it’s my first try at realistic fiction/heartache/romance, so.. don’t go too hard on me, alright? 😀 My next story will be about fantasy/science fiction, which is a familiar territory for me..

Now.. I’ll treat you with a surprise for my second-post anniversary..

A new story, starting on Saturday, June 6th, centering around the elements of fire, water, earth, air, and more and seven magical daggers (yup, this is my sci-fi/fantasy story) and don’t worry, Shipwrecks/Broken Hearts (I’ll abbreviate it to SBH some times) will not be over until maybe.. two months or more later since I’m posting once or twice a week..

I need to go see Hagrid and have a spot of tea with him (haven’t seen him in literally, ages) and maybe go to the library to check out some books about Magical History.. there’s VERY little space in my color-coordinated schedule for free time/blogging, and I just will forewarn you that I might not blog as often.. so.. bye 🙂

P. S. Oh gosh, I see a griffin in my teacup. Wonder what that means 😉

Thank you Guys So Much

Hey guys,

As you know, Symphony has left me in charge while she is gone for a week or two fighting criminals in Jump City – it’s a big honor, it really is, and I hope I won’t let you guys down 🙂

Anyway, I will post almost daily while she is gone to keep this blog up and running.. I have to say that this blog is a huge success so far! We’re more than halfway to a thousand views – as I type this, we have 551 views so far! :mrgreen: You guys are the BEST! Make sure to keep spreading this blog to your friends, your friends’ friends, your frenemies, everyone you know (haha) and even on other blogs (but don’t spam and no excessive advertising, one or two times is more than enough) and let’s keep this blog running!

Okay, here is a update section of how much we have achieved so far:

(I might update this every week.. since you know, a LOT changes in a week by the rate we’re going..)

Crazy Lightning: I started a story called Shipwrecks + Broken Hearts – you can check it out in the ‘Story Centre’ comments, it’s being updated as comments and will eventually be published as posts. My main protagonist is a feisty young lady called Elizabeth La Rue, and you can learn more about her in the comments section of ‘Character Development.’

Symphony: Symphony is writing a book called ‘Virus.’ She has completed the first chapter, “I’m Behavior in the Best Way,” and she has a lot of main characters – one of which is Hekate Underwood. It’s awesome and really interesting, so go check it out in the ‘Story Centre.’

Symphony has also started a ‘Teen Titans Go – Symphony & More’ section where you can learn about Symphony (the Teen Titan)’s past and what she looks like 🙂 There are many sections, like ‘Sing,’ for all you songwriters/singers out there, and ‘The Fan-Makers Game,’ where you can post all your new characters you’ve been bursting to share with the world! Show the world your true colors and create, create, create! We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

moody tuna/ brian: Moody Tuna is a very frequent commenter and we would like to thank you and hope you accept our invitation to become an author 🙂

UIPE: Thank you so much for the graphics! It’s really helped our blog go far 🙂

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Guys. THAT’S AMAZING! And remember, once we reach 1,000 views and 10 followers, Symphony has a surprise for us (and it’s probably a good one too, but you never know with her) so stay tuned!

Oh gosh, I’m almost late for Potions – need to fly!


Crime-fighting & Poptropica Credits

Hey guys.

Unfortunately; here in Jump City; there’s been a boom in crimes around here. Please forgive me. I, as Symphony the crime fighter, have to save Jump City from these dreaded criminals. Please forgive me. I will only be gone for 1 week. Maybe 2. I will be around whenever I can as frequently I can. Please forgive me. Don’t worry; I’ll be back. Due to my absence; I am leaving Crazy Lightning in charge of new posts. Posts such as booms in views, new character-creations by other users, or anything else. I know you won’t let me down, CL…for the sake of the blog. Guys; I’m deeply sorry for what I am doing. Please forgive me.

I have to give credit to certain Poptropicans who have been so nice to me by helping me start this blog out. Firstly; UiPE (Ultimate iPad Expert) for the picture and support he has given me. Thank you, Paul. I know this isn’t enough – so if you ever (and I mean EVER) need help; contact me.

Next I would like to thank Moody Tuna/Brian for being very annoying yet very supportive. Thank you. I hope I can employ you as a user in the future.

Lastly; I would like to thank Crazy Lightning/Hermione Granger112 for…well; everything. Thanks.

– POSI, Keep Creating

The Newest Penguin – wait, Author 🐧

Hey, guys! I’m Crazy Lightning, or my WordPress name is HermioneGranger112, but you can just call me CL, Crazy, Mionie, Miss Granger – I’m fine with almost all nicknames, except, of course, a few select ones that are rude/inappropriately rude XD

This is my first time being an author on a blog that’s not mine, so I’m super excited and very honored to be on this blog! I’d like to thank Symphony/Adsuke for inviting me to this blog – I’m really looking forward to posting and having buckets of fun with this blog.

I started Poptropica before SUIs (thankfully) and my first islands I attempted were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Mythology Island. That’s how my Poptropica username was born — starfish12042 (a starfish on Mythology island was my first item on Poptropica ever) and my first island I finished was Counterfeit Island. My favorite islands are AstroKnights Island and Mythology Island, though I do have a fondness for both Counterfeit and Steamworks. I have completed all the islands except MoTM Island because I am a non-member and it is only for members (now.)

I have a lot of favorite books – and they’re almost all fantasy or realistic fiction. My personal favorites are Harry Potter (always) and I have always admired Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott. The character I am most like in literature is Jo (Little Women) with dabs of Hermione and Ella (Ella Enchanted). Reading and writing usually go together, and in my case, they do, because I love them both dearly. I play some instruments like the violin, and enjoy music. I also love blogging and playing non-violent games (like Pottermore, Animal Jam, POPTROPICA, etc.)

I have a story I’m posting every Friday (I will be active Friday, Saturday, and Sundays mostly) and you can go check it out in the Story Centre 🙂

I think that’s just about it except I do have to mention that my favorite color is silver and my favorite animals are penguins 😀 As you can see, I’m literally, obsessed with penguins.

I’m a hatstall, and the Sorting Hat was stuck between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, but it has decided I am a Ravenclaw through-and-through – I wholeheartedly agree with its decision, and I am a first-year Ravenclaw. Owl me sometime?

~Mionie 🐧

Nuclear View Boost


I’M AT A PARTY WHICH I’M HOSTING IN THE TEEN TITAN TOWER! THE DJ (AQUA LAD) IS PLAYING ‘TWIN SKELETONS’ BY FALLOUT BOYS RIGHT NOW! I WANTED TO TELL YOU GUYS THAT THERE’S BEEN AN UPDATE ABOUT THE NUMBER OF VIEWS WE’VE BEEN GETTING! 271 295 306 VIEWS CURRENTLY! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! *gets on the stage and stops the music. Whole room goes silent* I just wanted to say that I appreciate the number of views we’ve been getting lately. It’s a real honor. I love blogging so much and this website means everything to me. So really…thank you for all you’ve done.

*Cyborg walks up to me* Awwwww…thanks, Sym! *Cyborg’s about to hug me but I push him away with my whistle*

– *Raven saying* Wooooooo…

*Back of the room* No! My ending phrase is ‘POSI. Keep Creating.’

– *Raven saying* Oh. POSI. *Star Fire interrupts* Keep on doing the Creating!