This is the About page.

The purpose of this whole website. Many of you are wondering what it is. Let me make it clear.

*classic music plays at the back* MARTIN! NOOOO! DON’T TURN THIS INTO A MARY POPPINS SONG!!! I like her songs; BUT I DON’T SING!!! *music stops playing* Thank you. Where was I? Oh yea. This website is for those who have ideas but are scared to voice out. Well; hide no more. GET OUT OF THOSE SHADOWS! I already called dibbs on them, so…GET OUT! That’s more like it.

*playing in the back* That’s the way, pika pika, we like it, pika, pika!

Whatever. *face palm* I created Symphony after some inspiration (Does TV count as inspiration? Cause…I watched Teen Titans Go and got the idea of Symphony). And just like that…you can too.

*Music gets even louder*

I KNOW YOU HAVE IT IN YOU! YOU HAVE THE TALENT, HEART, COURAGE AND MUCH MORE! I BELIEVE IN–wait. One sec. *walks over to the back of the room and unplugs the stereo* There. *walks back* So. I–

*Singing in the back of the room* THAT’S THE WAY, PIKA PIKA, WE LIKE IT, PIKA PIKA!

*face palm* YOU GUYS GET THE POINT! …Right?



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