Coming Soon – Symphony Herself!

Hey guys.

*takes a bow and arrow* Aim high and mighty! *shoots the arrow and Mother Mae Eye falls to the ground* It appears the…*takes a pie and throws it at MME*…criminal count has…LOWERED…*takes Anaklusmos out*…to a manageable level! *thrusts Anaklusmos and MME runs away before Anaklusmos gets her. Police come in time and arrest her. Walks away with Teen Titans* So, yea. I’ll be making a return soon. Keep those views up! In other news; I’ll be posting a few more pages in my book for you guys. Please note that I have not completed my first chapter yet. I’m far from it. Crazy Lightning has come out with her 2nd chapter. Good on you, CL!

Coming to the next topic; it seems the Titans want to host a Meet & Greet. You guys can ask them questions and they’ll answer. I asked Naruto, Rasuke, Sasuke and Sakura. They all said ‘yes’.

*Sasuke whispering in the back of the room* Save me…

*Face palm* Whatever. If you see Itachi Uchiha anywhere; please contact me through the comments. I’m putting a bounty on him. Whoever gets him is rewarded with a Bounty Chocolate Bar. Here is a picture of my bro, Itachi:

Featured image
Itachi Uchiha

So…yea. If you see him – comments!

– POSI, Keep Creating.


Crime-fighting & Poptropica Credits

Hey guys.

Unfortunately; here in Jump City; there’s been a boom in crimes around here. Please forgive me. I, as Symphony the crime fighter, have to save Jump City from these dreaded criminals. Please forgive me. I will only be gone for 1 week. Maybe 2. I will be around whenever I can as frequently I can. Please forgive me. Don’t worry; I’ll be back. Due to my absence; I am leaving Crazy Lightning in charge of new posts. Posts such as booms in views, new character-creations by other users, or anything else. I know you won’t let me down, CL…for the sake of the blog. Guys; I’m deeply sorry for what I am doing. Please forgive me.

I have to give credit to certain Poptropicans who have been so nice to me by helping me start this blog out. Firstly; UiPE (Ultimate iPad Expert) for the picture and support he has given me. Thank you, Paul. I know this isn’t enough – so if you ever (and I mean EVER) need help; contact me.

Next I would like to thank Moody Tuna/Brian for being very annoying yet very supportive. Thank you. I hope I can employ you as a user in the future.

Lastly; I would like to thank Crazy Lightning/Hermione Granger112 for…well; everything. Thanks.

– POSI, Keep Creating

Nuclear View Boost


I’M AT A PARTY WHICH I’M HOSTING IN THE TEEN TITAN TOWER! THE DJ (AQUA LAD) IS PLAYING ‘TWIN SKELETONS’ BY FALLOUT BOYS RIGHT NOW! I WANTED TO TELL YOU GUYS THAT THERE’S BEEN AN UPDATE ABOUT THE NUMBER OF VIEWS WE’VE BEEN GETTING! 271 295 306 VIEWS CURRENTLY! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! *gets on the stage and stops the music. Whole room goes silent* I just wanted to say that I appreciate the number of views we’ve been getting lately. It’s a real honor. I love blogging so much and this website means everything to me. So really…thank you for all you’ve done.

*Cyborg walks up to me* Awwwww…thanks, Sym! *Cyborg’s about to hug me but I push him away with my whistle*

– *Raven saying* Wooooooo…

*Back of the room* No! My ending phrase is ‘POSI. Keep Creating.’

– *Raven saying* Oh. POSI. *Star Fire interrupts* Keep on doing the Creating!

Story Centre

Hey guys.

I’m making it official – every week (any day; so keep viewing this page everyday) I’ll be posting a few pages of my book. That’s right – I’m writing my own book! I’ll share with you what work I’ve done so far! Today is the first day. Check it out:


Chapter 1: I’m Bad Behavior In The Best Way


“TIME!” Amber shouted. “Alright; in another 60 seconds you have to come back! We don’t have that much time left before Ms. Rhea realizes we’re missing.” She said. The ground was filthy and coated with metal, steel and plastic items…items people throw away thinking they’re useless. That’s where they’re wrong. They’re the best things God has blessed us with…if you know how to use them, that is. I’m Hekate Underwood. I’m a first year at Drake University. I’m 12 years old and I like to visit junkyards mainly for its ‘useless scraps’. It’s been 10 minutes since interval. Another 5 minutes and Ms. Rhea will realize I’m missing…and she’ll know for sure when she realizes Annette guarding the entrance. It’s a huge, 1000-meter junkyard which was originally our state-of-the-art Empire belonging to our senator who died 2764…may he rest in peace. The senator – Leo Kotoko – loved to create things and had this innovative mind. With that; our country was made. To show him our dearest respect; we used the area around it as a junkyard…leaving about 600 meters for the surrounding area. MOST people would use it for playing…I use it for training. I have 673 metallic ‘junk’ in my arms which I think is useful. I started sprinting as fast as I could and tagged Amber alongside. We both ran as fast as we could. That’s when my walkie-talkie went off by doing its occasional KHHH!

Viking Berserker, this is A-game reporting the status. Sour-plant is landing! I repeat – SOUR-PLANT. IS. LANDING! Over.” Annette said on the walkie-talkie.

Copy that, A-game. Be-loon and Viking Berserker are approaching the scene. Is the coast clear? Over.” I asked on my walkie-talkie.

Negative. Over.” Annette said.

This is Be-loon here. Copy. Cat. Rinse. Repeat. Over.” Amber said on the walkie-talkie.

“Amber! Stay on target. We need to be alert.” I said. Again with the KHHH.

This is A-game again. Be-loon; please take this operation seriously. Viking Berserker – Sour Plant is approaching the scene. I repeat; Sour Plant ON THE MOVE. Shall I S-B-O-S? Over.” Amber asked.

“What’s S-B-O-S?” Ruth asked me.

Negative. Keep Sour Plant alive. We need to save our bombs for USEFUL stuff. Distract her in any way BUT SBOS. Over and out.” I asked. “SBOS is Stink Bomb On Sight.” I answered. The junkyard is straight up 26 kilometers away from our school. I took 1 minute and 18 seconds to reach halfway the stretch. From then on; I climbed up a tree and jumped from tree-to-tree after hiding the metal behind the trees.


Amber was running from down below and was a little worried about my balance…also a little slow. I counted a total of 2 minutes and 47 seconds when I reached the entrance. Not bad…could do better. Of course this is a record, but…not bad. I noticed Ms. Rhea was interrogating Annette; so I decided to go around the campus jumping from tree-to-tree while giving Amber guidance. Looking down at my pendant; I got a light bulb. My pendant had a small glass capsule…inside it was an even smaller, sentimental secret which I keep to myself. Amber says it’s Insensitive. Oh well. I call it trust issues. I don’t trust anyone.

I held my pendant out in my palm and showed it to the Sun in such a way that Amber would be able to see it. Then I did what I loved the most…I climbed trees! I jumped from one tree to another, hopping from branch-to-branch! Obviously; Ms. Rhea saw the light. Annette – being the little drama queen (I nicknamed her that) she is – went straight into panic mode and acted as though she was about to faint. Amber simply ran after the light I was making…and Ms. Rhea told Coach Irene to run after me. Of course she would go for the coach. SHE’S A COACH! She ran after the light…sigh. The world is full of idiots, aren’t they? 3…4…yep! Just in time! Behind the campus are a couple of buildings…I grabbed a branch that was hanging over me with all my weight and pulled on to it. The branch wasn’t weak. It wasn’t bamboo, but…it wasn’t WEAK either. It simply went down with me. I jumped a little and the branch sent me flying to the nearby building. HA! ON YOUR FACE, MS. RHEA! I grabbed onto a window pane and held on real tight. Coach Irene took a megaphone from somewhere (God knows where).

“HEKATE! COME DOWN THIS INSTANT!” Coach Irene shouted. HA! As if. I WAS ON A BUILDING! 1st floor, too. Maybe…hey! Maybe I can have some fun. I’d never climbed a building before; so I decided to try it out. I started the timer in my head, and…START! …2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10! 11! 12! 13! 14! 15! WOOOO! All 15 floors in 2 minutes and 9 seconds! Hm. Not as awesome as I expected, but…fun! I should climb buildings more! I pulled myself up on the top of the white building and stay there to catch my breath. By then…

“PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR! GO DOWN YOUR KNEES!” A man from the helicopter shouted. “…AGAIN, MS. UNDERWOOD?!” He shouted. I felt like laughing. I’m the rebel of the school. I pretty much rule the place. Yes. 12 years old, 1st year university, rebel…how do I do it? Ask that from the principal. She’ll tell you. Officer Whitley grabbed my arm and hauled me into the helicopter.

After a few minutes; I was in every new-comers’ nightmares. You guessed it – the principal’s office. It has white (suffocating) walls (which feels like they’re going to close in on you at any moment), a picture of our (so-called) beloved principal, a few cupboards (probably for money and notes) and a desk to the right (sharp turn to the right, that is). Our principal doesn’t like moving things. For instance; the cup of herbal tea (3 spoons of sugar. She has a craving for sweetness which is why she always has a bar of chocolate after lunch thus proving the chocolate stains on her napkin which she takes from the napkin box which is always placed 3 centimeters away to the right from her laptop and litters it near her desk. Such a lazy person she can’t even get up from her chair to properly dispose it) is always on the left (7.3 centimeters) from the laptop. About 1.9 centimeters away from the edge. The stacks of papers (which actually have Star Magazines at the bottom) are usually placed on the top-left edge of the table. I could go on and on; but you’d probably get bored and annoyed.

I waited and counted 4 minutes and 33 seconds. 7 more seconds till Ms. Jupiter comes in. 7…6…5…4…3…2, and 1…suddenly; the door just opened. It didn’t catch me by surprise because Ms. Jupiter takes this much time. I stood to attention and waited for Ms. Jupiter to sit down in front of her desk.

What do you think is going to happen next? Use the comments below to tell me your versions!

– POSI, Keep Creating!

View Boost

Hey guys.

Guess what? We reached in 102 views in less than 24 hours! Who’s excited?! I know I am. *cough*. Yea…we had our awesome, fun, humiliating and creative moments. But it was worth granting peoples’ dreams and getting all of you guys to view this website! Thank you, honestly, for visiting this site. I hope we get more viewers as the day comes! Thank you all SO MUCH.

– POSI, Keep creating!

Who Am I?

Hey guys.

Alright; for those of you who don’t know me (which is everyone except me) I am Symphony. Of course; I have many other names. This one is my super hero and mutant name. I am the creator of this website. The starter of it. If you have characters of your own which you’ve been hiding all these years – step up. Tell me who they are and I will help if you ask. I, Symphony, have many powers relating to music. I can change the mood of the room by the music I play. I can create, destroy, restore and do much more with my music. What can you do? Today, May 30th, is the first day and birthday of this blog. So now – using the comments section below – tell me who you are.

– POSI (Peace Out, Symphony In)