Coming Soon – Symphony Herself!

Hey guys.

*takes a bow and arrow* Aim high and mighty! *shoots the arrow and Mother Mae Eye falls to the ground* It appears the…*takes a pie and throws it at MME*…criminal count has…LOWERED…*takes Anaklusmos out*…to a manageable level! *thrusts Anaklusmos and MME runs away before Anaklusmos gets her. Police come in time and arrest her. Walks away with Teen Titans* So, yea. I’ll be making a return soon. Keep those views up! In other news; I’ll be posting a few more pages in my book for you guys. Please note that I have not completed my first chapter yet. I’m far from it. Crazy Lightning has come out with her 2nd chapter. Good on you, CL!

Coming to the next topic; it seems the Titans want to host a Meet & Greet. You guys can ask them questions and they’ll answer. I asked Naruto, Rasuke, Sasuke and Sakura. They all said ‘yes’.

*Sasuke whispering in the back of the room* Save me…

*Face palm* Whatever. If you see Itachi Uchiha anywhere; please contact me through the comments. I’m putting a bounty on him. Whoever gets him is rewarded with a Bounty Chocolate Bar. Here is a picture of my bro, Itachi:

Featured image
Itachi Uchiha

So…yea. If you see him – comments!

– POSI, Keep Creating.


29 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Symphony Herself!

    Rasuke: Me too, nee-san!
    Adsuke: Now, now, don’t worry. I’ll get him back…he’d better come back.
    Sakura: I can’t wait for the meet and greet!
    Naruto: Yea, I’ll be respected for once. Heh heh hah!
    Adsuke, Sasuke, Sakura and Rasuke: *stare at Naruto* Haisha.

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    • …Who? I have no idea.
      Rasuke: #SeriouslyNoIdea!
      Adsuke: I’m being serious. I do…but that’s my life as a ninja/mutant/Uchiha/hit-man/blogger/I lost count.


      • Oh…
        Rasuke: *thinking* WHY DOESN’T HE REALIZE IT?! It’s a good thing she’s gone! Without her around – Brian won’t be ‘hurt’ anymore! At least…that’s what ADSUKE says.
        Adsuke: Brian…she isn’t one of my FRIENDS. I dislike people who are too cheery. She’s YOUR friend…
        Rasuke: *poker face. Thinking* WHAT?!
        Sasuke: *face palm*
        Sakura: *tied up to a chair. Mouth taped up* BVYEN-KVENNNN!


      • i dont have anymore dreams now… WAIT, WHY IS SAKURA TIED UP IN A CHAIR (AGAIN)?????


      • Sasuke: Sakura was annoying me.
        Naruto: *tries to untie Sakura*
        Rasuke: *places a bowl of Ramen on the table*
        Naruto: *runs up to the bowl of Ramen and eats it* Delicious!!
        Rasuke: PIKACHU!


  2. everything’s so silent here, its been a week now… i want to give up. there is no hope anymore, no dream anymore, nothing to be done… but the last time i left, adsuke almost died. i should forget it and leave… a memorable time, and after, a thing adsuke can do in memory of me… when we met, i was spamming, and then, there was adsuke, telling me what to do.he has taught me so much, but now i will forget. leaving is forgetting. XsighX adsuke, please do some thing that somewone that we looked for for a month didnt finish. turn the flloor into trampolines. farewell. “everything is okay. when your standing next to me. when my hand is in yours. dont leave me.” “people dont leave because its hard. they leave bcaz its no longer worth it” “a person who truly lovs u wil never leav u no matter how hard the situation gets.”


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