Thank you Guys So Much

Hey guys,

As you know, Symphony has left me in charge while she is gone for a week or two fighting criminals in Jump City – it’s a big honor, it really is, and I hope I won’t let you guys down 🙂

Anyway, I will post almost daily while she is gone to keep this blog up and running.. I have to say that this blog is a huge success so far! We’re more than halfway to a thousand views – as I type this, we have 551 views so far! :mrgreen: You guys are the BEST! Make sure to keep spreading this blog to your friends, your friends’ friends, your frenemies, everyone you know (haha) and even on other blogs (but don’t spam and no excessive advertising, one or two times is more than enough) and let’s keep this blog running!

Okay, here is a update section of how much we have achieved so far:

(I might update this every week.. since you know, a LOT changes in a week by the rate we’re going..)

Crazy Lightning: I started a story called Shipwrecks + Broken Hearts – you can check it out in the ‘Story Centre’ comments, it’s being updated as comments and will eventually be published as posts. My main protagonist is a feisty young lady called Elizabeth La Rue, and you can learn more about her in the comments section of ‘Character Development.’

Symphony: Symphony is writing a book called ‘Virus.’ She has completed the first chapter, “I’m Behavior in the Best Way,” and she has a lot of main characters – one of which is Hekate Underwood. It’s awesome and really interesting, so go check it out in the ‘Story Centre.’

Symphony has also started a ‘Teen Titans Go – Symphony & More’ section where you can learn about Symphony (the Teen Titan)’s past and what she looks like 🙂 There are many sections, like ‘Sing,’ for all you songwriters/singers out there, and ‘The Fan-Makers Game,’ where you can post all your new characters you’ve been bursting to share with the world! Show the world your true colors and create, create, create! We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

moody tuna/ brian: Moody Tuna is a very frequent commenter and we would like to thank you and hope you accept our invitation to become an author 🙂

UIPE: Thank you so much for the graphics! It’s really helped our blog go far 🙂

Data Track:

  • 6 Posts
  • 5 Pages

Guys. THAT’S AMAZING! And remember, once we reach 1,000 views and 10 followers, Symphony has a surprise for us (and it’s probably a good one too, but you never know with her) so stay tuned!

Oh gosh, I’m almost late for Potions – need to fly!



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