Crime-fighting & Poptropica Credits

Hey guys.

Unfortunately; here in Jump City; there’s been a boom in crimes around here. Please forgive me. I, as Symphony the crime fighter, have to save Jump City from these dreaded criminals. Please forgive me. I will only be gone for 1 week. Maybe 2. I will be around whenever I can as frequently I can. Please forgive me. Don’t worry; I’ll be back. Due to my absence; I am leaving Crazy Lightning in charge of new posts. Posts such as booms in views, new character-creations by other users, or anything else. I know you won’t let me down, CL…for the sake of the blog. Guys; I’m deeply sorry for what I am doing. Please forgive me.

I have to give credit to certain Poptropicans who have been so nice to me by helping me start this blog out. Firstly; UiPE (Ultimate iPad Expert) for the picture and support he has given me. Thank you, Paul. I know this isn’t enough – so if you ever (and I mean EVER) need help; contact me.

Next I would like to thank Moody Tuna/Brian for being very annoying yet very supportive. Thank you. I hope I can employ you as a user in the future.

Lastly; I would like to thank Crazy Lightning/Hermione Granger112 for…well; everything. Thanks.

– POSI, Keep Creating


21 thoughts on “Crime-fighting & Poptropica Credits

  1. Hey guys! *thrown to the ground* Oof! I know you’ll do good. *does an awesome front-flip and gets back on feet. Throws a music-note boomerang* I will come back in one piece! *5 seconds later the boomerang turns into a 2-ended knife while spinning and it pins Brother Blood to the wall by the neck* You guys are trust-worthy.
    Oracle: *uses her mind powers to make Brother Blood hit himself*
    Symphony: Good luck, guys! *runs up to Brother Blood and beats him up*


      • Symphony: I DON’T CARE WHAT HOUSE SAYS!
        House: I’m right here.
        Symphony: No you’re not! *transports him to Kentucky* Any more.


      • Symphony: *catches pendant and stares at it*
        Oracle: Join in on the fight at any time you like, Symph. *blasts Brother Blood with eye lasers* We’re not DYING here.
        Symphony: *looks up at Brian* …Thanks. For keeping it safe. *puts the pendant on and a light shines from the full moon. Tucks the pendant in hoodie*
        Brother Blood: *runs away while he still can*
        Oracle: Wait…what is THAT? *points at pendant* WHO is that? *points at Brian* What’s goin’ on here, Symph?
        Artemis: *appears from the light along with Apollo* No, you may not. I will SLAP YOU SILLY if you say otherwise.
        Apollo: Aw; but they love me, sis!
        Artemis: *slaps Apollo* Silly.
        Symphony: Artemis?
        Pain Bot: All. I. Know. Is. Pain.


      • oracle, the questions u asked is for a few highly sophisticated people’s knowledge, that is, a few highly sophisticated people and me.


      • Oracle: Don’t talk to me ’bout no ‘knowledge’! I read people’s minds, for James Brown’s sake!
        Adsuke: Oracle…just leave it alone, OK? It doesn’t matter.


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