Nuclear View Boost


I’M AT A PARTY WHICH I’M HOSTING IN THE TEEN TITAN TOWER! THE DJ (AQUA LAD) IS PLAYING ‘TWIN SKELETONS’ BY FALLOUT BOYS RIGHT NOW! I WANTED TO TELL YOU GUYS THAT THERE’S BEEN AN UPDATE ABOUT THE NUMBER OF VIEWS WE’VE BEEN GETTING! 271 295 306 VIEWS CURRENTLY! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! *gets on the stage and stops the music. Whole room goes silent* I just wanted to say that I appreciate the number of views we’ve been getting lately. It’s a real honor. I love blogging so much and this website means everything to me. So really…thank you for all you’ve done.

*Cyborg walks up to me* Awwwww…thanks, Sym! *Cyborg’s about to hug me but I push him away with my whistle*

– *Raven saying* Wooooooo…

*Back of the room* No! My ending phrase is ‘POSI. Keep Creating.’

– *Raven saying* Oh. POSI. *Star Fire interrupts* Keep on doing the Creating!


12 thoughts on “Nuclear View Boost

  1. Cool! I’m, unfortunately, not able to attend because of another party I’m at in the Ravenclaw common room at Hogwarts.. I just sent this by owl..

    Should I publish my first author post introducing myself? Like, when a new author comes in at the PHB, they do a short post about themselves and then start posting??


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