Who Am I?

Hey guys.

Alright; for those of you who don’t know me (which is everyone except me) I am Symphony. Of course; I have many other names. This one is my super hero and mutant name. I am the creator of this website. The starter of it. If you have characters of your own which you’ve been hiding all these years – step up. Tell me who they are and I will help if you ask. I, Symphony, have many powers relating to music. I can change the mood of the room by the music I play. I can create, destroy, restore and do much more with my music. What can you do? Today, May 30th, is the first day and birthday of this blog. So now – using the comments section below – tell me who you are.

– POSI (Peace Out, Symphony In)


126 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. phbn (poptropica help blog news) with moody tuna.

    adsuke is having an argument with hermionie granger. mionie is not the only one called a haisha.(i also am one lol) back to this blog!


  2. I would like to join, because I like making stories too :/ I self-published a story in third grade (but it was ghastly OwO) but your story up there is.. maybe infinitely better than mine. I also love making characters 🙂 I would like to place a formal request on joining this blog… if I do, just call me ‘Miss Granger’. I like formalities. XD


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